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Maple Design Build Inc company is a leading expert in designing and remodeling residential houses, commercial and industrial buildings. Our expertise includes skillfully blending new homes amongst established ones. The Remodel team knows the importance of keeping the process simple and worry-free, and they work closely with clients to custom tailor each home. Remodel provides the highest quality experience and materials, but knows that true luxury is found in everyday real living–sharing life with the people that matter most.


Design build allows you to deal with one company, that will work with your budget, design to your budget, obtain all approvals and build to your budget.

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One Stop Shop

This means there is only one company responsible for your project. When you contract with a design build firm, you are paying for all processes required to complete your project, with only one company. This model avoids potential conflicts between a separate design consultant and a builder. While both may be absolutely committed to doing a great job for you, when problems arises, neither may accept responsibility. This can put the homeowner in the uncomfortable position of a referee. Worse, it can add additional costs to your project. Maple Design & Build Group have been directly involved in multiple residential and commercial projects of various sizes across GTA, amassing a wealth of experience. Let our experience work for you

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Our Process


Call us to discuss about your design project.


Schedule a site visit by one of our team members.


We start your design process at your property to measure as per the code.


We submit the selected final design to the municipality by filling the permit application.

As custom architectural home designers, we provide superior home architecture design across GTA.

Our team will manage the entire architectural plan and permit and will keep you informed about the status of your project each week.

As a leading builder we can create an edge cutting home designed to be functional, comfortable, and even aesthetically attractive.

Get Beautiful Custom Home Design In GTA

Get your dream home designed. We are here to help you achieve your goals and design your home. We will work with you to turn your dream into a reality and deliver on every promise.We have the expertise to design your custom home which suits your every need. You can have a master bedroom with a fireplace or a large home theatre for entertaining friends. We can help you personalize your home for today and tomorrow, even if you don't have all the details. Your home is an opportunity to express yourself through architecture. Your personal style and preferences are transformed into a permanent part of the landscape. We can create a home that truly represents you, regardless of whether you prefer a particular architectural style or a combination of several ideas.

Get Legal Basement Permit Second Unit GTA with the helped Maple Design & Build Inc.

Want to finish your Basement or want to use it as a rental property? Legal Basement Permit GTA is an ideal way. Basement Second Unit Permit allows you to legally begin building your home basement. A permit proves that your project drawings have been cleared and meet all necessary regulations. It also gives you the satisfaction that your basement improvement is safe and compliant. Basement permits and inspections are required for new buildings, renovations, and additions to existing buildings to ensure all structures are safe to occupy.

Basement Second Unit Permit

If you’re starting a home addition, second unit permit remodel, or any other home improvement, you will most likely need basement Second Unit Permit. Zoning restrictions often restrict the size and appearance of any new unit. Before you make a decision on your second basement unit, it is important to consult us about the requirements for permits and restrictions that may be imposed by law depending on where you live as well as your property structure. We have years of experience designing these units and will consider all factors to maximize the value of your second basement housing unit.

Why Basement Second Unit Permit is Important

Basement apartments offer an innovative solution to the rising costs of housing and many other benefits for owners, renters, and neighbourhoods. The finished Basement is used as additional living space as part of the entire house. The basement can't be rented out or used separately. To create a second suite, you must apply for a permit. All second-floor suites must be compliant with the the building code and residential zoning bylaws. All new constructions will need a permit and inspections. We at Maple Design & Build Inc. can deal with the Local Municipality, obtain the permits and approvals that you need. You can arrange for a construction inspection and Basement Second Unit Permit.

Advantages of the Legal Basement Permit:

How to get a building permit:

You will require a Legal basement permit for the second unit of your house.
Your agent can apply at your local building department on your behalf. You will need to submit:

Our team will help you get a clear idea of the scope and the type of drawings and services that will be required. Next, we will take all necessary measurements to create drawings, including basement plans, floor plans, and elevations. Next, we will take the drawings to city for approval. Our permit process will be quick and easy, allowing you to spend more time choosing the colors and less time filling out complicated paperwork.

What Makes Us The Best Choice?

Leading Experts for Basement Permits

After the home assessment has been completed and all measurements are taken (this may take more than one visit), we will prepare the renovation drawings necessary for a permit application. The set includes a site plan, floor plans, elevations, and any details required by your project. You can either take the basement permit and go through the application, or you can contact Maple Design & Build Inc. to apply on your behalf for a building permit. Maple Design & Build Inc. will also be able to work with you as a contractor to create a complete set of drawings for your use.

Frequently asked questions

What is the purpose of a permit to finish the Basement in Mississauga?

To ensure your project meets all requirements of Zoning by laws, including building codes, you will need a Legal basement permit from City

What are the requirements to rent a legal basement in Mississauga?

These are the requirements to rent a legal basement in Mississauga:
Semi-detached or detached house.
You must make a basement apartment smaller than your dwelling unit.

What are some important considerations when adding a second unit to your home?

Here's a list of important things to keep in mind.
Other bylaws and zoning in municipalities
Building permit
Building code requirements: Fire safety, ceiling heights, plumbing, heating and ventilation, lighting, and exits.

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